Ding Ding…

I love my phone, I love my computer and I generally love technology and feeling connected. But what am I connected to? And how do I fit into the bigger picture of the world that exists within my handheld device? I chose to experience a shift from the busy, tech driven world and today I should be attending day 6 of a 10 day silent meditation retreat that I registered for back in the summer – an experience that would have been a first and definitely a challenge.  No talking, no technology, no communication for 10 days while being guided to turn my attention inward, discovering myself on an entirely new level.  But life intervened and priorities required me to remain within access to loved ones who require support, attention and plenty of connection. The meditation retreat will happen at a later date and I look forward to that experience, but what I have gained is insight into what is truly important to me and ultimately I have reaffirmed that connection and relationship with others trumps everything. Spending time together without distractions, laughing, playing, struggling through difficult times, supporting one another is precious. Our current world is a busy place and discovering our own unique path towards a balance of tech time and me time and other time is a journey. Staying mindful of connections I want to prioritize and accepting what unfolds. There is always a distraction…ding…ding, but is that what I need to attend to right now?


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