The Whole Pie

I love Metaphors – they bring me deeper into understanding of self and others… when I listen… Really listen, listening with compassion to glimpse the possible meaning within the words, gestures, flush of a face. Listening – the foundation of Love. Which brings me to Pie – and I really want the whole pie – for myself and others. A pie is a circle. A circle is whole, unbroken, inclusive, centered, timeless, complete, perfect…I could go on, but you have your own to add…

And… a pie has many pieces. My life as a Pie can be sliced and examined to help me understand how whole my experience is right now and perhaps identify areas that may require attention. On a basic level I can examine my slices of pie as my physical health, social life, emotional life, intellectual life, occupational life, spiritual life, love life and community life. How are each of these areas being nurtured and taken care of? Where am I placing my priority? Is something lacking? Do I need to attend to one area?

Examining your pie is one tool to assess where you are and how you are. Delve deep to gain insight and explore opportunities. The grass grows green where it gets watered and fertilized…but now we are getting into a different metaphor. Until next time…please enjoy your Pie.


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