Sometimes life pulls the rug right out from beneath you…and then what? You have been sucker punched, can’t breath, can’t function, rollercoaster of emotions…what to do?

Life happens and sometimes its overwhelming, so how do you cope? This is when you draw on everything that has ever worked before…connecting with family and loved ones (if that’s possible), or relying on friends, activities or groups that you have an established connections with, or maybe relying on known strategies – music, athletics, yoga, meditation. But sometimes it’s not enough – knowing how and when to reach out for support can be tough, but you are worth it. You are always worth it. The waves of life come and go and sometimes knock you down, but getting up builds strength and resiliency and you grow stronger and more resilient with each experience. New perspectives, new insights. An opportunity for growth. You are worth it! Take this moment to tell yourself “I Love You”!

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