Is Counselling for You?

“Counselling” is a loaded word and seems to bring forth a variety of connotations – perhaps not all positive. I would like to change the conversation and create a culture that makes it as easy to say “I have an appointment with my Counsellor today” as you might say “I have an appointment with my Doctor or Dentist or Hairdresser”. It’s just a thing that we do! I do that…I talk about seeing my counsellor if that is what I have going on, and I am a counsellor…say what? Yes, because I have learned that my life is a journey and while much of the time the sailing is smooth, there have been bumps in the road and a couple of those bumps catapulted me into the office of a counsellor. The experience I have on both the receiving and giving end of counselling is a gift that keeps me real and present in my life…and the journey continues. I believe connection is important and mental health is important. I invite you to take this journey with me.

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